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Data Insights.

Your benefit from our knowledge.


How well do you know your customers? Do you know where, when and why your products are consumed? Do you know exactly who you need to reach to best boost your business? Competing in a digital world requires answers to these questions. To become more relevant to your target group and to directly respond to changing markets you need customer-specific knowledge. We hold the key to your success in our hands: data insights.

Our offer

Comprehensive. Precise. Specific to your target group.
Data insights that create advantage.

Our digital tools not only generate added value for our customers, but also uncover valuable data from inside Europe’s restaurant and hotel industries. Data that show the business cycles of bars or restaurants in detail and that we innovatively compile and evaluate in compliance with important statutory data protection requirements. Take advantage of our expertise. Use our valuable knowledge to optimize your own tailor-made campaigns and yields.

“Optimal growth requires optimal customer knowledge”.

The data
we generate

Data Basics

Data about opening hours, menus, type of restaurant, number of seats, reservation behavior of customers and the location of the business.

Employees Data

Data about the number and deployment of employees, personnel planning, working hours and employee searches.

Performance Data

Data about sales, profitability, budget distribution, discount offers and individual product analysis.

Procurement and Menu Data

Detailed data about goods and product use, menu compilation, pricing, and discount offers.

Digital Footprint Data

Data about online rankings, guest reviews, and overall business popularity.

POS Data

Data about order frequency, product popularity, and food and drink combinations.


How we use
our data


Customized Marketing

  • Appeal to target groups at point-of-sales or online, via our Hospitality Digital tools
  • Generate targeted communication to increase brand preference and market penetration
  • Start customer-specific campaigns, events, or advertising measures to boost direct sales

Restaurant Insights

  • Track how, when and why your products were purchased, stored, processed, and re-sold - and why not
  • Deep insights into the business organization and potential deficits

Business Analyses

  • Detailed comparison of your products vis-à-vis your competition
  • Analyses in support of sales optimization and potential line extensions

Sales Efficiency

  • Increase advertising efficiency and minimize scatter loss through specific targeting
  • Targeted sales support for new products and strengthening of underperformers

Brand Monitor

  • Review of your brand and your products across categories throughout multiple regions
  • Price evaluation and price elasticity analyses across multiple store location types, regions, and time periods
  • Platform for testing new products, promotions, and pricing