Our Mission

Digital Transformation.

We know how it works.


Digital transformation is not limited to the future. It’s been in full swing for a long time. And: it’s affecting the hospitality industry end to end. Across Europe we have made it our mission to support restaurateurs’ innovation journey. Because only those who make wise use of digital technologies will be successful in the future.

This is why our Hospitality Digital team of international professionals develops innovative digital solutions for the restaurant, hotel, and retail industries. And successfully. Across 16 countries, our online platform DISH already enabled over 200,000 restaurant websites and generated more than 2,000,000 table reservations on top. And the success story continues. Every day we work on developing new, user-friendly tools – enabling digital solutions that make our customers even more successful.


Professional. Digital. International.
Hospitality Digital has the tools for success.

A restaurateur’s online presence is crucial for success. Hospitality Digital helps make that happen and more. Our digital tools let restaurants optimize web listings and make generating and managing table reservations really easy. Even accounting, staff recruitment, and personnel management are brought into the digital age with our help. All for restaurateurs looking to digital to excel – and a future-forward restaurant industry.

“It’s not a question of whether the restaurant industry is going digital. But how!